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Collaboration is at the heart of what Arts Centre Melbourne does - they partner with a number of small to medium creative organisations to produce and present works that otherwise would never see the light of day. They invest in the sector to boost capacity and provide small institutions the benefit of tapping into developing ones. 

Art Centre's collaborative work was evidenced in the unique programming model introduced with Asia TOPA: Asia Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts in 2017, bringing together a partnership with over 40 small and large organisations from across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Arts Centre also developed the Arts Wellbeing Collective - a globally recognised mental health initiative which sees a community of creative organisations collaborating to address mental health challenges in creative workplaces. 

Local Government Partner

Find out more about the activities and functions of Melbourne City Council and its councillors, and how the City of Melbourne implements Council's decisions. 

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Visitor buying behaviour is not restricted to Victoria’s geographic boundaries. Through collaboration and co-creation Visit Victoria are able to inspire and challenge visitor imaginations to experience more of our naturally diverse and culturally rich offerings.

Through collaboration with nearby regions, local operators, accommodation providers and tourism services,
Visit Victoria generates, refines and creates an innovative and highly sought after visitor offering. 

Transport for Victoria is coordinating Victoria's growing transport system and planning for its future.Its job is to integrate the transport network for simpler, quicker and safer journeys that connect places and support Victoria's prosperity and liveability. Like similar agencies around the world, Transport for Victoria brings together the planning, managing and coordinating of our transport system into one organisation.

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